Apply for a Grant

The Canadian Bar Law for the Future Fund (LFFF) has grants available for innovative projects in the field of law.

Projects eligible for consideration must be of national interest and/or of benefit to the general public and must be in at least one of the following fields:

  • Legal research
  • Legal education
  • Legislation and law reform
  • Administration of justice

LFFF does not provide funding for capital projects, ongoing operating expenses, budget deficits, general fund drives, annual charitable appeals, scholarships, sabbaticals, conferences and seminars, nor applications relating exclusively to publication costs, equipment purchases or travel costs. No permanent commitments are made in support of a project, and no grants are made that would result in financial gain to an individual or organization. More detailed grant application information.

We are making some updates; the application form will be available soon.

Grant application form

To be considered, applications must include the following documents:

  • Federal charitable registration number
  • Organization's budget for the current and preceding years
  • Audited financial statement for organization
  • Brief history and purposes of organization
  • List of Board of Directors of organization

Please note: All application packages must be available in an electronic format. We encourage applicants to submit application materials by email as indicated below.

Please return completed form and related material to:

The Canadian Bar Law for the Future Fund
By email:
By mail: 66 Slater Street, Suite 1200, Ottawa, ON, K1P 5H1

Deadline for application is 1st of May each year. All applications are reviewed by a five-member Board of Trustees consisting of three CBA members, a member of the Bench and a lay person. Successful applicants are notified in writing.

For more information, please e-mail