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Shaping a Better Future for Lawyers and the Law

Since 1984, the Law for the Future Fund has contributed to more than 145 innovative and influential studies, task forces and public education programs. Though diverse, each has directly benefited the Canadian legal profession today and for the future.

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Making it Possible

These are just some of the projects supported by the Law for the Future Fund that are shaping a better future for lawyers and the law:

  • Funding legal research to support lawyers who take on cases arguing for an expanded constitutional right to legal aid.
  • Supporting leading edge research into Alternative Dispute Resolution.
  • Ensuring the CBA was able to provide valuable input into the re-codification of the Criminal Code.
  • Funding the work of the Systems of Civil Justice Task Force to make the justice system more efficient, more accountable and more accessible for all Canadians.
  • Working with Reach Canada to enhance access to mental health law for the deaf by explaining mental health acts in Canada and the various legal forms used in applying mental health legislation.
  • Publishing useful booklets for clients and for lawyers, which serve as a guide to foster mutually beneficial client-lawyer relationships.
  • Supporting public education on judicial independence through videos and courses for the general public.
  • Studying how best to protect the interests of lawyers in Canada’s tort liability system.
  • Developing a practical guide to coping with conflicts of interest in the wake of R. and Neil.

With your support, we can make more of these important projects possible in the future.