On-Demand Webinars

Check out our library of On-Demand programming, available whenever and wherever you are. You will find the accreditation information on each program page.

Essentials for Corporate Lawyers

Advising Corporate Clients on Liquidation and Dissolution

Income for Tax Purposes: What Corporate Lawyers Need to Know

Drafting Critical Boilerplate Provisions

Understanding Income Statements

Avoiding Ambiguity in Corporate and Commercial Documents


Essentials for Litigators

"Leaves to Appeal" & Interventions at the Supreme Court - A View from the Bench of Final Appeal

Excelling at Motion Argument


Practice Management / Ethics

Fearless Advocacy: Representing an Unpopular Client

Damage Control, Professional Obligations, and Seeking Help

Pivotal Career Moments for Lawyers

Building Client Trust: Developing Healthy Client-Laywer Relationships

Working with Support Staff: Appreciating your Employees While Getting Results


Running your Firm

Effortless Schmoozing: A Lawyer’s Guide to Authentic Networking

Practical Project Management: Proven Strategies to Keep You on Track 

Running Your Practice

Contingency Planning: Preparing for the Unknown 


Webinars by Series

Skilled Lawyer Series - Essentials for Litigators

Skilled Lawyer Series - The Legal Lifecycle of a Business

Better client Service Series

Law Series

Solutions Series Part I

Solutions Series Part II

Skilled Lawyer Series - Drafting Effective Business Documents

Skilled Lawyer Series - Interpreting Financial Statements

Canadian Securities Regulation Series