Strategic Direction for CBA


ASPIRATION: What is our guiding purpose?

To help CBA Members succeed in the legal profession, individually and collectively as a professional group.

WHERE TO PLAY: Where will we focus in terms of geography, customers and products & services?

What geography will we serve?

The CBA will serve Members across all provinces, territories, and jurisdictions in Canada.

Who will we serve?

CBA Members.

What business are we in?

Advocacy, professional development and community.

VALUE PROPOSITION: What distinct value do we offer that will win Members?

The CBA connects Members to the people, knowledge and skills they need to successfully practice law in Canada.

HOW TO WIN: What must we do, in distinct combination, to deliver on the Value Proposition?

Develop Deep, Smart Member Intelligence

Deepen the knowledge and understanding of Members to better assess their aspirations, needs and satisfaction levels. Smarter data will lead to more relevant communications with Members and leading-edge offerings that equip them for success.

Deliver Distinct & Relevant Professional Development

Deliver professional development (PD) that includes both substantive education and skill development. Substantive education is important and will continue. Skills development offerings will be enhanced. Skill development is broadly defined and will be determined based on member needs, and includes cultural competence and skills and tools for self-improvement and personal success. An increased emphasis will be placed on delivering offerings both in English and French.

Advocate on Behalf of the Profession

Focus on issues that shape the legal profession, improve the law, or advance the Rule of Law, including access to justice, through means such as interventions and influencing the legislative process. Inform and solicit feedback from Members at all levels.

Prepare the Profession for the Future

Building on a strong Futures foundation, further elevate CBA’s leadership thinking to guide the profession toward a future that is in-step with emerging trends, needs and opportunities. See things before others see them, and inspire Members to lean into the future.

Cultivate an Inclusive, Engaged Professional Community

Build a more powerful, inclusive, diverse and engaged professional community across Canada. Prioritize building membership among groups such as law students, articling students and young lawyers. Encourage Member exchange of knowledge, discourse on professional issues and peer-to-peer support. Facilitate interpersonal connections in person and, importantly, online.

CAPABILITIES: What capabilities must be in place in order for us to deliver on the Value Proposition?

Data Analysis and Management

Develop the capacity to mine Member data and leverage it into the development of relevant solutions and more personalized, timely and effective communication with Members. Tap into external data expertise.

Technology Application

Outsource and leverage the most appropriate, leading-edge software technology for data management, community building, education & skill development and virtual meetings. This will position CBA for the future.


Build a central capacity to harmonize Member communications across the organization and present a unified brand; consistency alone will make the brand bigger and more powerful. Create a distinct and compelling brand that reinforces the new CBA strategy and brings the CBA into a new era. Focus on disseminating knowledge in a more precise manner across the CBA.

Community Relations Management

Develop the internal capacity to identify, promote, and support meaningful and timely connections between Members.