The Well-Being Hour

Welcome to the Well-Being Hour, a series of hour-long, on-demand conversations that focus on the current challenges and overall well-being of lawyer and legal professionals.

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Working from Home

Lawyers Taking Their Well-Being Online

The pandemic has had some real drawbacks, but there have been a few advantages to going online.  You can access programs from around the world without the commute or need to leave the office.  

Join our panelists as they discuss how easy access to online mindfulness and yoga programs can not only help with overall wellness, but can help make you a better lawyer.

Deni Cashin, Retired, Daunais McKay + Harms, Yoga Instructor, ASSiST
Danica Doucette-Preville, Legal Officer, Global Affairs Canada and Yoga Instructor, ASSiST
Amanda Huxley, Associate, Parlee McLaws LLP and Mindfulness Instructor, ASSiST

Moderator: Glen Hickerson, Chair, CBA Well-Being Subcommittee

Change Your Brain, Change Your Results

Stress Resilience and Change Management

What if you could change the way you respond to stress? Think about what a personal and professional advantage that would be. Well, good news: its possible! Using tools and strategies based on principles of neuroscience, you can learn to be more resilient, connected, and focused during life’s most challenging moments. We will explore this material and more in this unique and practical presentation.  

Presenter: Jill Hewlett, Brain Fitness & Wellness Authority

Moderator: David Bryan, Member, CBA Well-Being Sub Committee

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Belonging at Work

The Relationship Between Diversity & Inclusion and Well-Being

There is a lot of talk in legal circles these days about wellness, and there is a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion. But there isn’t much talk about how these two elements relate to each other. How does promoting inclusivity in the workplace also promote work-life balance, social connection, and satisfaction at work? How does implicit bias affect our businesses and what can we do about it? Join us for this insightful discussion to help you and your firm achieve (some really important) objectives. 

Antoinette Moriarty, Integrative Psychotherapist
Vivene Salmon, VP Country Compliance Manager, Global Banking & Markets Compliance, Bank of America

Moderator: Pooja Chugh, Chair, CBA Well-Being Sub Committee

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Lawyers in a Dangerous Time

We lawyers, like members of other helping professions, are particularly susceptible to compassion fatigue. Regular exposure to traumatic accounts from clients and the ongoing need for empathetic listening and responding can wear us down over time, as well as triggering some of our own trauma. As we look after our clients’ interests (and those of our parents, partners, pets, kids and colleagues…), who is looking after us?  This timely session will focus on how to recognize, overcome, and guard against CF, allowing you to build on your professional success as well as your personal well being.  

Doron Gold, The Lawyer Therapist, Homewood Health
Françoise Mathieu, Registered Psychotherapist

Moderator: Amy Bradbury, Wickwire Holm, CBA Well-Being Sub Committee

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