CBA Well-Being

In every province and territory, the CBA Well-Being Subcommittee offers support, advice and training to Lawyer Assistance Programs serving Canada's legal professionals. We conduct research into the personal and professional challenges affecting lawyers. We develop programs to address them and to help lawyers lead healthy, happy lives.

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When you're not practicing law, you're practicing living and hey, we get it between the late nights endless conference calls and commutes that still take longer than they should.

You might not be getting as much practice as you'd like.

Lucky for you, some things come naturally.

The greatest cubicle partner you could ask for, your go-to karaoke song, or anything with extra cheese.

Sometimes, what's distracting you might even be an idea you can't shake, that trip to Mexico, or for once saying what you really mean in a meeting.

Where does your mind wander when you let it roam free?

The late nights, the endless inside jokes, the road trips that could never last long enough?

These are the things we can help you plan for.

These are the things we can do and help you protect yourself.