Today's demands on legal professionals can be overwhelming. Lawyers juggle deadlines, files, clients and high stakes cases. Finding balance is difficult. For many, the work takes a heavy emotional, mental and physical toll. When it leads to stress, anxiety, burnout and depression, the costs are high – both personally and professionally.

Since 1989, the Well-being Subcommittee (formerly the CBA Wellness Forum) has recognized the unique needs of our profession and worked to find solutions that allow our members to lead healthy, balanced lives.

What We Do

The Well-being Subcommittee exists to help legal professionals manage personal, emotional, health and wellness challenges. We work with the provincial and territorial Lawyer Assistance Programs, providing expertise and guidance to their staff and volunteers. Our professional development programs and research resources on mental health and well-being give insights into the very real issues facing our profession.

Wellness Programs

Available in every province and territory, the Lawyer Assistance Programs provide professional support to lawyers, judges and law students across Canada. Their services include confidential counselling, advice, information and peer support.

Celebrating Mental Health Champions

Every year, the Well-being Subcommittee presents an Award of Excellence to recognize and celebrate someone who has displayed knowledge, compassion and dedication to making the lives of lawyers better and more fulfilling. The award is presented to an individual involved in lawyers' assistance at our annual fall workshop.

Past Award of Excellence winners

2023: Colleen McDuff (postumously)

2019: Madam Justice Michele H. Hollins, Q.C.

2017: Dana Schindelka

2016: Doron Gold

2015: John Hoyles

2014: Marie Christine Kirouack