John Hoyles receives 2015 Wellness Forum award

  • December 11, 2015

CBA CEO John Hoyles has been awarded the 2015 CBA Wellness Forum’s Award of Excellence, which he received at the forum’s annual workshop on Nov. 7. The award recognizes an individual involved in lawyers’ assistance who shows knowledge, compassion and dedication to improve the lives of lawyers.

“John has worked tirelessly to raise the group’s profile. Most recently, he was instrumental in seeing the online course on mental health and wellness in the legal profession come to fruition,” said CBA President Janet Fuhrer.

Going back to 2011, John Hoyles was instrumental in repatriating the Wellness (formerly Legal Profession Assistance Conference, or LPAC) operation to Ottawa so it could be housed under the same roof as the rest of the CBA operations. It flourished in its new home, where it received the support and attention it needed and deserved.

He helped establish relationships with groups both within and outside the CBA including the Canadian Bar Insurance Association, the Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association and Oslers to ensure consistent and stable funding. He was a “cheerleader” for LPAC both internally and externally, and forged a relationship with the mental health community.

In 2012, he spearheaded the development of a national lawyers’ survey on health and wellness in the profession. The results of that survey allowed LPAC to determine which tools would have the greatest impact on the profession and assist in improving the overall health and wellbeing of lawyers. The results have been widely used across the country and laid the foundation for the online course.

And most recently, his efforts have been directed to the creation of the online course on mental health and wellness in the legal profession. He raised sufficient funding from law societies and helped create partnerships with the Mood Disorders Society of Canada and Bell Let’s Talk.