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Paternity Leave for Lawyers in Canada – Two Solitudes

  • Bob Tarantino

Quebec society and Quebec employers are doing something right, or at least something decidedly different, when it comes to paternity leave. That raises the questions: what they doing, how can it be improved upon and what can other firms do to emulate their successes?

Maternity leaves and parental issues: taking the long-term view

  • Valerie Mutton

It’s cause for celebration for lawyer moms in private practice—the lawyers who balance discoveries and daycare, partnership meetings and PTA meetings. Learning to juggle it all can be a lonely challenge, and one that leads many of them to change career paths.

Dr. Arin Reeves videos on diversity and inclusion

National TV recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Arin Reeves, President of Nexticons, on the issues of diversity and inclusion. The conversation was captured in five short videos that can be viewed here.

Videos produced by the CBA Equality Committee

In 2010, the CBA’s Equality Committee produced three videos that were launched at the CBA’s Canadian Legal Conference on Aug. 15. Available for viewing on YouTube, the videos showcase three members of the CBA who are trailblazers for equality seeking groups.

Towards diversity in the law

  • Michelle Mann

The face of the legal profession — and the society it serves — is constantly changing and evolving. In response, the CBA has identified equity and diversity as one of its strategic plan’s fundamental themes, and the CBA Equality Committee has developed a new Equity and Diversity Guide and resource manual for the legal profession.

Mentoring as a path to diversity

  • Shelley Timms

The legal profession can excel at mentoring, but it needs a more diverse core of mentors to reflect Canadian society and support diversity within the profession.