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Planning Ahead for Partner Retirement

  • Janice Mucalov

Perhaps no issue leaves firms as directionless as lawyer retirement. Much has been written on practically all other firm management issues. But when it comes to lawyer retirement, there has been very little guidance ... until now.

Successfully Juggling Work and Family: Tips for Lawyers

  • Julie Stauffer

Rushing to the day care before it closes, taking your budding soccer star to a weekend tournament, attending parent-teacher interviews, and still meeting your targets for billable hours … combining family responsibilities with a legal career is not easy.

Work/Life Balance? Let's Get Flexible First

  • Cheryl M. Stephens

The future for law firms lies in building a high-value, highly skilled organization that recognizes the value of skills and knowledge and treats staff as a valuable asset.

Stress Busters: Sanity Savers, Practical Tips

  • Ron Profit

There are many aspects of our legal profession that cause stress—pressure of billable hours; pressure to collect fees; long hours; the detailed and exacting nature of our work accompanied by severe consequences if otherwise

Put me in, coach

  • Amy Jo Ehman

Some lawyers are finding personal and professional benefits from one-on-one coaching