Strengthening the Rule of Law in Zimbabwe

The rule of law, traditionally strong in Zimbabwe, has come under increasing pressure, as the economic and political structure of the country comes closer and closer to dissolution.  The Law Society of Zimbabwe has been a vocal critic of the Zimbabwe Government’s efforts to undermine the independence of the judiciary and to intimidate lawyers who seek to uphold the constitution and human rights. In response, the Law Society and members of the bar have been the objects of intimidation, including arrests, detention and physical violence.

With funding support from CIDA the CBA worked from 2003-2006 to support the Law Society and to help strengthen the rule of law in Zimbabwe.


  • Increased capacity of Law society of Zimbabwe to deliver Continuing Legal Education program of the Law Society of Zimbabwe,
  • Increased human rights advocacy of lawyers in Zimbabwe;
  • The regional network of law societies under the auspices of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Lawyers Association became a stronger voice for the Law Society in Zimbabwe;
  • The publication of law reports to provide needed and accessible precedence for the legal community.
  • Law Society, lawyers and legal NGOs participating in public interest litigation had access to Canadian and international precedence through the Canadian Assistance Network.