Supporting Inclusive Resource Development in East Africa

In 2017, the CBA and Global Affairs Canada formalized a five-year project, Supporting Inclusive Resource Development in East Africa (SIRD). The project is implemented by CBA International Initiatives (CBAII) in partnership with the Law Society of Kenya, Tanganyika Law Society, Uganda Law Society and East African Law Society.

The project aims to increase economic growth for East Africans, including women and vulnerable groups, affected by extractive industries. SIRD activities are supported by Canadian technical assistance, drawn from CBA members across Canada who provide training, mentorship, and technical advice on initiatives aimed at:

  1. Increased engagement of East African law societies to advocate for law reform to reflect the principles of transparency, gender sensitivity and accountability in the extractive industries.
  2. Increased community participation, particularly women, in consultations, dialogue, negotiations, advocacy and other initiatives to advance their rights related to the extractive industries.

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