Partnership is fundamental to our approach. Partners are organizations with whom we collaborate on projects.

All our programs are conceived, structured and delivered with direct and ongoing local partner involvement. Past partners have included:

  • Bar associations
  • Civil society and non-governmental organizations
  • Court administrators
  • Human rights institutions
  • Judiciaries
  • Lawyers
  • Legal aid organizations
  • Legislatures
  • Ministries of justice
  • Prosecutorial ervices
  • Universities and raining institutions

Our work with partners ensures we integrate local concerns, cultures and realities into our approach.  Learning from their experiences, we support our partners to determine what works best for them in their context, and share our Canadian experience and international best practices.

Our commitment to working in partnership has allowed us to forge broad, long-lasting peer-to-peer relationships with partners and stakeholders, anchored in trust and mutual respect. Working with the same partners over an extended period allows us to be more effective. It also gives time for change to take hold, and therefore is more likely to result in the long-term sustainability of results.