Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of the CBA International Initiatives is to support the rule of law in developing and transitional countries.


Our vision is that the rule of law will be enhanced in the countries in which we work. Rule of law is essential for sustainable social, political and economic development, respect for human rights, protection of personal security and the reduction of poverty. It includes:

  • Strong and independent legal institutions, including the legal profession and the judiciary
  • Laws that are developed through democratic and participatory processes, that reflect accepted social values and meet recognized international norms
  • Access to justice by all members of society through accessible institutions, fair and efficient administrative processes, public access to information and the availability of legal aid for those in need
  • Full respect for human rights, including equality rights
  • Government that is accountable and transparent


As an organization:

  • We value respect for human rights, access to justice, participatory processes and public interest advocacy.
  • In implementing our programs and projects, we value and depend upon the volunteerism of our members, recruiting staff and volunteers with appropriate expertise and sharing Canadian experiences.
  • We believe in responsible and ethical stewardship of funds and the selection of partners and funders with integrity.

In our pursuit of our mission:

  • We value integrity, equality, inclusivity, diversity and respect for other cultures.
  • We value partnership and mutual respect.
  • We work collaboratively and exchange experiences, information and knowledge.
  • We believe in being responsive to the needs of host countries and progressing at the host countries’ pace.
  • We believe that stakeholder engagement, both in Canada and in host countries, is essential in pursuing our mission.
  • We strive for sustainability and excellence in our programs and projects.
  • We employ a rights-based approach to development.
  • We believe in supporting knowledge-based programs, sharing resources and expertise, and supporting the appropriate use of technology.
  • We identify, learn from and share best practices.
  • We value accountability and transparency.