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The CBA Taxation Law Section examines federal and provincial legislation imposing taxes or duties on Canadians. We serve as an industry voice on these issues through our submissions to government and other activities.

We also review legal practice under taxation legislation, along with the work of special courts and tribunals relating to taxes and duties. This includes their establishment, jurisdiction, procedure and organization, as well as the practice of lawyers before these courts and tribunals.

In addition to preparing formal written submissions, the Canadian Bar Association/Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada Joint Committee on Taxation meets annually with Canada Revenue Agency and the Department of Finance.

Our Section liaises regularly with:

  • Canada Revenue Agency
  • Canadian Tax Foundation
  • Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada
  • Department of Finance

Our Committees

Would you like to contribute and network with other legal professionals in the field? Send an email to taxation.law@cba.org to provide input to one of our committees:

The Executive of the CBA Taxation Law Section are members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada-Canadian Bar Association Joint Committee on Taxation (the “Joint Committee”). The mandate of this committee of volunteers includes making submissions to the Department of Finance and the CRA regarding income tax legislation. Written submissions are made in response to proposed amendments to the Income Tax Act (the “Act”), whether as a result of Budget initiatives or otherwise, and technical, administrative or fairness anomalies or concerns involving provisions in the Act or the manner in which the Act is administered. Although the Joint Committee does not make submissions on all issues brought to its attention, members of the tax community who have an interest in a particular income tax legislative initiative or administrative issue may contact the Chair of the CBA Taxation Law Section at the email address below.

K. A. Siobhan Monaghan (Chair 2015-2017)

Our members also provide input to the CBA Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee.

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