Patents and Industrial Design Committee


  1. To review and monitor existing and new patent legislation, and to consider its impact on legal questions.
  2. To review areas of concern that have not been addressed by existing and new patent legislation, and to identify proposals or make representations for legislative change.
  3. To consider questions of harmonization of Canadian patent laws with those of other countries and to examine any proposed international convention.
  4. To monitor, comment upon and make proposals on and for the laws, international treaties and conventions as they pertain to, affect or interface with industrial designs and designs applied to manufactured articles in Canada.
  5. To liaise with and make representations to other private, public and governmental organizations and bodies in Canada and elsewhere on such matters, in collaboration with the Government Liaison Committee.

The Committee’s mandate also includes holding regular meetings, by conference call or otherwise, and in particular at the CBA Legal Conference. The Committee will provide comment and advice to the Section Executive on patent and industrial design matters and participate and/or assist in professional development projects.