Looking back and ahead

  • March 22, 2023

Lisa Middlemiss

The Loudspeaker for the issues that matter to you and your clients

The Section is hard at work advocating for important issues. This is thanks to the generous involvement of our dozens of volunteers who deserve our thanks and appreciation.

I would like to take this opportunity to update you regarding progress made since I wrote to you in September outlining five priorities for your Executive Committee.

What follows is a snapshot of the hard work recently behind us, initiatives that are in process at this time, and a glimpse of the exciting road ahead.

Update on committed priorities:

Planning for a fully in-person National Immigration Law Conference

  • We are planning for Canada’s premier Immigration Law Conference which will take place from June 1 – 3 fittingly this year in the National Capital. Our Conference Planning Committee led by our Conference Co-Chairs, Agenda Subcommittee Chair and Speakers Subcommittee Chair have been working day and night to prepare for this pivotal event.
  • The theme is “Reunite” and we can hardly wait to connect anew together in person in Ottawa. Get set for networking opportunities with Government representatives and colleagues from the Bar to exchange best practices and updates. Participate in round table Hot Topic practice exchanges from experts from coast to coast to coast. Catch up on cutting edge jurisprudence. Be prepared to celebrate all of the hard work of our volunteers – Coordinators and Committees and lawyers from CBA Pro Bono initiatives – at our Friday Night Gala event.

Ground-breaking advocacy work

Membership Renewal, Outreach, and Professional Development

Awards and Accolades

We will soon announce the winner of our Section’s Founders’ Award which will be decided by the Founders’ Award Committee. There is still time (until April 28th, 2023) to nominate a distinguished leader of our Section for the Award of Excellence. The Founders’ Awards, the Award of Excellence and the Volunteer Recognition Award winners will all be announced in Ottawa at our National Immigration Law Conference.

Getting Involved

Most of all, we would encourage you to get involved with our Section. We are only as strong as the sum of our collective actions and advocacy. Whether it is accepting a Call-Out from our Submissions Coordinators on the listserv, raising issues of importance with our Litigation Coordinators, posting on your social media to support CBA platforms and our Social Media Coordinators, or getting involved with the CBA Pro Bono initiatives – such as crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine by engaging with our Pro Bono Coordinators, the opportunities are as diverse as they are rewarding.

I would like to express my personal admiration for all of the leaders of our Section as we work together this year.


Lisa Middlemiss
Chair, CBA Immigration Law Section