CBA Immigration Law Section - Award of Excellence

The CBA Immigration Law Section (“the Section”) awards the Award of Excellence annually, biennially or at another frequency deemed appropriate by the Executive Officers in consultation with the CBA. This Award is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member of the Section.


Each nominated candidate applicant must be an active member of the Canadian Bar Association and be:

  • A lawyer in good standing with a provincial or territorial law society. Judges are also eligible.
  • A leader of the Section that has demonstrated loyalty, dedication and leadership in providing outstanding service to the CBA and to the legal profession as a member of the Immigration Law Section.
  • A senior member of the Section with a lengthy and distinguished history of achievement of professional excellence while making a significant contribution to the Canadian citizenship, immigration and refugee community, including the law, access to justice or the rights of immigrants and refugees.
  • Held in high esteem and very well-regarded by his/her peers.
  • The winner must be available to attend the Section’s annual Immigration Law Conference and banquet in order to be eligible for the award. Candidates are responsible for their travel and accommodation expenses to the Immigration Law Conference and banquet.

Award and Presentation

The Award will provide the winner with the cost of registration to the CBA Immigration Online Symposium where the award certificate will be presented.

Nomination Procedure

  • Any member of the CBA Immigration Law Section may nominate candidates for this Award.
  • Nominations shall be accompanied by a nominator's letter including the nominee's name, address, telephone number and a brief submission as to why the individual should receive the Award.
  • A Curriculum vitae of the nominee shall be included.

All supporting documentation shall be submitted with the nomination by e-mail to the CBA Immigration Law Section.

Deadline for Applications: April 5, 2024.

Selection Process

The Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the successful candidate. The Awards Committee will select one winner, on an annual basis, biennial basis or at another frequency deemed appropriate by the Executive Officers in consultation with the CBA, and may recognize multiple recipients’ at one time in exceptional circumstances.

Past Winners

  • 2024 – Baerbel Langner
  • 2023 – Alex Stojicevic
  • 2021 – Betsy Kane
  • 2020 – Isabelle Dongier
  • 2019 – Robin L. Seligman
  • 2018 – Gordon H. Maynard
  • 2017 – Michael Greene
  • 2015 – Lorne Waldman
  • 2013 – Mendel Green, Cecil Rotenberg, Barbara Jackman, Marshall Drukarsh, Charles Roach, Gary Segal, Carter Hoppe, Steve Abrahams and Donald Greenbaum (Section Founders Tribute)
  • 2011 – Gary Segal
  • 2010 – Isabelle Dongier – special presentation
  • 2009 – David Matas