What we do

The Policy Committee:

  • Recommends policy-related priorities to the Board
  • Engages volunteers for task forces as necessary
  • Develops, approves or recommends policy positions, working with Sections, Subcommittees and task forces
  • Recommends to the Board on intervention proposals
  • Oversees process for resolutions for debate at the AGM
  • Oversees the work of its subcommittees and reports to the Board on their work
  • “Policy” for this Committee means law, administration of justice and public interest policies (i.e. what the CBA thinks about issues); Internal policies (i.e. governing how the CBA does things) are generally under the Governance and Equality and Finance Committees


Nine members, chair is a member of the Board

Our expertise

Policy Committee members possess:

  • Experience in the law reform or government relations work of a CBA Section (national or branch).
  • Experience in policy development, law reform, test case development or government relations.
  • The ability to understand and evaluate complex ideas and information and to exercise sound judgment in making decisions.
  • The ability to foster open communications.
  • The ability to comprehend written documents in English and French.

Time Commitment

Members spend approximately 20 hours/month providing their expertise and attending meetings.


Access to Justice

Ethics and Professional Responsibility

Judicial Issues

Law Reform

Legal Futures

Supreme Court of Canada Liaison

Class Action Task Force

International Initiatives Task Force