Policy Committee

The Policy Committee manages all policy-related issues – in other words, law, administration of justice and public interest policies, including what the CBA thinks about these issues. There are nine members, and the chair is a Board member. The committee’s responsibilities involve:

  • Recommends policy-related priorities to the Board
  • Engages volunteers for task forces, as necessary
  • Develops, approves or recommends policy positions, working with Sections, subcommittees and task forces
  • Makes recommendations to the Board on intervention proposals
  • Oversees the process for resolutions for debate at the AGM
  • Oversees the work of its subcommittees and reports to the Board on their work


The Policy Committee has six subcommittees:

The Access to Justice Subcommittee coordinates and integrates CBA activities to improve and promote access to justice for the poor and middle-class in Canada. It facilitates information sharing about legal aid and pro bono across Canada. Finally, it liaises with legal aid and pro bono organizations and CBA groups. There are five members.

The Ethics and Professional Responsibility Subcommittee fosters ethical and professional conduct and standards in the legal profession. Its five members study issues relating to ethics and professional responsibility, and develop practice tools to assist lawyers in fulfilling their professional responsibilities.

The Judicial Issues Subcommittee addresses policy issues relating to judicial appointments, compensation, discipline and independence. This subcommittee has five members.

The Law Reform Subcommittee pursues improvement in law and administration of justice that reflects the CBA’s commitment to the rule of law, the Charter of Rights, and fundamental human rights. Its five members review all CBA submissions to government and Parliament. The subcommittee is also responsible for promoting law reform priorities for the CBA.

The Legal Futures Subcommittee has an ongoing mandate from the CBA Strategic Direction to prepare the profession for the future. Its five members include at least one young lawyer and one student member. They are currently tasked with implementing the 2014 Legal Futures report, Futures: Transforming the Delivery of Legal Services in Canada.

The Supreme Court of Canada Liaison Subcommittee serves as a link between the Court and the Bar. Its five members consult with National Sections and Supreme Court of Canada counsel on issues that the Court and Bar may raise for review.

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