CBA President's Award

Recognizes the significant contribution of a Canadian jurist to the legal profession, to the CBA or to public life.

Jack Innes Award

The Jack Innes award recognizes outstanding contribution to the CBA by a current staff member who has exhibited creativity, innovation, leadership and commitment. These qualities may be exhibited through their work (but not limited to) originality...

Ramon John Hnatyshyn Award for Law

The Ramon John Hnatyshyn award is given to recognize outstanding contribution in law reform, legal scholarship and/or legal research.

The Douglas Miller Award

Recognizes a Canadian Bar Association member who demonstrates outstanding dedication and team spirit.

The Louis St-Laurent Award of Excellence

The Louis St-Laurent award of Excellence is the highest award conferred to a CBA member in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding service and professional achievement to the benefit of the legal profession, the CBA and society at large.

Viscount Bennett Fellowship

Rewards a promising Canadian student with a $25,000 scholarship to encourage high standards of legal education, training and ethics.