CBA President's Award

The CBA President's Award recognizes the significant contribution of a Canadian jurist to the legal profession, to the Canadian Bar Association or to the public life of Canada.


  • Any Canadian except the current President, Past-Presidents within five years, or members of the judiciary while on the bench.
  • Candidates must be Canadian citizens.
  • Groups are not acknowledged as candidates.
  • There are no posthumous awards.

Nomination Procedure

The President nominates candidates for this Award. The President may suggest names of candidates directly, ask the members of the Board of Directors to suggest names of candidates, and/or ask CBA Branch Presidents to suggest names of candidates.

Selection Process 

The CBA President is responsible for selecting the successful candidate. No award may be granted in any one year, and no more than three awards shall be granted in one year.


The Award takes the form of an engraved brass Scales of Justice.

Award Winners