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  • November 25, 2021

It’s an honour for me to represent the members of the Section. Our sincere thanks goes to our incomparable Past Chair, Darius Bossé, for his dedicated work last year and for ensuring that the French Speaking Common Law Members Section remains strong, active and up-to-date on legal issues affecting common law Francophone lawyers in Canada; as well as to the members of the Executive Committee for all their efforts!

This year, the Executive Committee has set its mission to increase the number of Section members by offering advantages in representation and professional development as well as opportunities for interaction with regulators and other practitioners.

Among the priorities for this year are the following:

Professional Development

  • We hope to be able to offer you webinars in French on topical legal issues to support your legal practice and on key issues in the areas of equality, diversity and inclusion;

Submissions and Resolutions

Bilingual Constitution of Canada

  • To give effect to Resolution 18-04-A, we are continuing to push for a bilingual Constitution and to encourage the federal government to collaborate with the provinces and territories to ensure that a French version of the Constitution of Canada is adopted and that the Constitution of Canada is finally officially bilingual, pursuant to section 55 of the Constitution Act, 1982.
  • We will continue to work with the Improtéine group to produce a humorous 2 to 3-minute video promoting a fully bilingual Canadian Constitution. The video will be ready in 2022.

Recognition and implementation of language rights in federal legislation

  • We will strive to improve the language rights of Canadians, in particular the right to be heard and to plead in the official language of their choice in proceedings relating to federal legislation.

Read more submissions and resolutions!

We’re always seeking articles about the practice of common law in French, and we need your help! The Section is grateful for the contributions of our dedicated and committed members.

Thank you for your commitment to access to justice in French, stay tuned and continue to work in French and serve your clients in French.

Teresa Haykowsky
Chair of the CBA French Speaking Common Law Members Section