What we do

The Finance Committee:

  • Develops financial policies
  • Reviews consolidated budgets and financial statements
  • Proposes auditors
  • Reviews, monitors and advises Board on financial health for entire CBA; implements Board-approved steps to ensure same
  • Develops policies and advises Board on enterprise risk management
  • Manages and oversees the financial audit process
  • Oversees the work of its subcommittees and reports to the Board on their work


Seven members

  • Three Board members (one chairs)
  • Three Branch reps, appointed by Branches
  • One CCCA rep, appointed by CCCA

Our expertise

Finance Committee members bring the following expertise to our work:

  • In-depth knowledge of CBA structures.
  • Financial literacy, namely experience with or understanding of financial statements and accounting standards for large not-for-profit organizations with complex accounting issues.
  • Knowledge of financing and funding issues for large not-for-profit organizations.
  • Knowledge of or experience in identifying, assessing and managing risk exposures of large not-for-profit organizations.

Time commitment

Members spend approximately 4 hours/month (30 hours in budget month) providing their expertise and participating in meetings.


Enterprise Risk Management