Finance Committee

The Finance Committee:

  • Develops financial policies
  • Reviews consolidated budgets and financial statements
  • Reviews, monitors and advises Board on financial health for entire Association; implements Board-approved steps to ensure same
  • Develops policies and advises Board on enterprise risk management
  • Oversees the work of its subcommittees and task forces and reports to the Board on their work


The Finance Committee has two subcommittees:

The Investment Steering Subcommittee advises the Finance Committee, and through it – the Board, on the strategic investment of CBA funds. It also executes the Board-approved investment strategy. Its three members include the Finance Committee Chair.  

The Enterprise Risk Management Subcommittee assists the Finance Committee, and through it – the Board, in overseeing the identification, measurement and management of the CBA’s principal risks. It also assists with implementing policies and standards for monitoring and mitigating those risks. Its three members include one Finance Committee Board member.

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