The Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee’s mandate is to provide a forum for members of the Bar, the Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal to discuss issues of concern relating to the operation of the Court.

What We Do

The Committee offers opportunities for judges and the Bar to explore Court operations matters that fall outside the mandate of the Statutory Rules Committee.

We meet in Ottawa, normally twice each year. To suggest agenda items, email lawreform@cba.org.

Our Expertise

Members of the Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee bring the following qualifications:

  • Experience with federal legislation
  • Active appearance before the Federal Court or Federal Court of Appeal

Five of the seven members must be members of a National Section with significant involvement in federal legislation resulting in litigation before the Federal Court. The Department of Justice Canada and the Courts Administration Service are also represented.

How We Work

Eligible members are vetted by the Sections Subcommittee and if needed, National Section Chairs vote for Committee members who serve for two-year terms.

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