CCLR Volume 36, No. 3

  • December 20, 2023

2023 James H. Bocking Memorial Award Winner

Nipped in the Bud—Applying Abuse of Dominance to Facebook’s Nascent Competitor Acquisitions by Gordon Milne (p. 2)


Fostering Sustainability Using the Existing Toolbox by Samantha Steeves (p. 31)

Scholars Panel on Non-Price Effects: Turning Smoke into Fire

Innovation Effects in Canadian Merger Analysis by Dr. Andy Baziliauskas (p. 74)

Reconsidering Welfare by Keldon Bester (p. 116)

A Thumb on The Scale for Innovation by Professor Anthony Niblett (p. 145)

Public Interest and Non-Price Considerations in Merger Control by Professor Ioannis Kokkoris (p. 177)