Author Guidelines

The Canadian Competition Law Review is published twice a year (spring and fall) by the Canadian Bar Association’s Competition Law and Foreign Investment Review Section.

We welcome English or French submissions on issues in competition law in Canada and around the world. Submissions may be in the form of:

  • Case comments
  • Consent order settlements
  • Book reviews
  • Essays on significant current issues of competition law and economics

Submissions should be of academic quality, and of relevance to and/or interest in Canada. If focused primarily on non-Canadian law, it is helpful if a comparison to Canadian law can be included, to make them of interest to Canadian readers, although occasionally developments elsewhere will be of sufficient interest on their own to warrant inclusion. 

General Formatting Guidelines

  • Submitted articles are to be delivered in a Word document, single-spaced final proofed form
  • Articles should include endnotes
  • Minimal styles and headings to facilitate the flow of text
  • Footnotes should follow the latest version of the McGill Guide
  • A 150-200 word precis/abstract should be included with each article submission

Deadline: The submission deadline for the fall edition is September 1, 2023.

Submissions are accepted via e-mail at

Once submitted, a ‘Grant of License’ form will be provided to the author. The signed form is to be returned to the Editorial Board by email at  

All submissions are subject to an editorial review process and are “blind” peer-reviewed by selected scholars and practitioners before acceptance for publication.

The selection of papers for publication in the Canadian Competition Law Review is at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board.

Please contact us for more information on our publishing procedures and policies.