Canadian Competition Law Review

The leading publication for Canadian competition law and economics, the Canadian Competition Law Review is a peer-edited review published twice annually by the CBA Competition Law and Foreign Investment Review Section.

Formerly the Canadian Competition Record, the Canadian Competition Law Review is available free in a searchable online formatTo retrieve the most recent edition of the Canadian Competition Law Review, simply leave the search criteria boxes blank and click the search button.

The latest publication of the CCLR is the Spring 2022 edition, Volume 35, Number 1. This edition contains the following: 

  • Proposals for Amending the Competition Act by Thomas W Ross (p. 1)
  • Blurred Lines: How the Dow v Nova and Royal J&M Distributing Cases May Confuse Remedies Under the Competition Act by James Musgrove and Janine MacNeil, with assistance from Madeline Klimek (p. 46)

  • Greenwashing: What Is It and Why It Matters by Antonio Di Domenico, Huy Do and Robin Spillette (p.83)

  • The Retail Gasoline Price-Fixing Cartel in Quebec by Marcel Boyer (p. 134)

  • A Note on the Unique Implications of Consumer Price Sensitivity for Merger Assessment in Canada by Ian Cass and Dimitri Dimitropoulos (p. 164)