Canadian Competition Law Review

The leading publication for Canadian competition law and economics, the Canadian Competition Law Review is a peer-edited review published twice annually by the CBA Competition Law and Foreign Investment Review Section.

Formerly the Canadian Competition Record, the Canadian Competition Law Review is available free in a searchable online format

To retrieve the most recent edition of the Canadian Competition Law Review, simply leave the search criteria boxes blank and click the search button.

The latest publication of the CCLR is the Special “Amendments” Edition. This edition contains the following: 

  • Back to the Future:  Modernizing Canada’s Monopolization Law by Michael Osborne (p. 1)
  • Optimal Enforcement for Abuse of Dominance - The Case for a Private Cause of Action by Julie Rosenthal, Adil Abdulla, and Arash Rouhi (p. 34)
  • Institutional Design and the Administration of Canadian Competition Law: Modernizing the Competition Tribunal by Laura Rowe, Tessa Martel, and Zach Rudge (p. 53)
  • A Justice as Fairness Framework for a Revised Efficiencies Defence by Ken Jull and Adil Abdulla (p. 88)
  • Should Canada Overhaul the SLPC Test for Mergers? By Andy Baziliauskas and Margaret Sanderson (p. 128)