CCLR Volume 36, No. 2

  • September 19, 2023


Back to the Future:  Modernizing Canada’s Monopolization Law by Michael Osborne (p. 1)

Optimal Enforcement for Abuse of Dominance - The Case for a Private Cause of Action by Julie Rosenthal, Adil Abdulla, and Arash Rouhi (p. 34)

Institutional Design and the Administration of Canadian Competition Law: Modernizing the Competition Tribunal by Laura Rowe, Tessa Martel, and Zach Rudge (p. 53)

A Justice as Fairness Framework for a Revised Efficiencies Defence by Ken Jull and Adil Abdulla (p. 88)

Should Canada Overhaul the SLPC Test for Mergers? By Andy Baziliauskas and Margaret Sanderson (p. 128)