Young Lawyers and Law Students

Mental health for law students during the COVID-19 pandemic

Law student Clare Yacyshyn offers ideas to help law students exercise self-care.

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COVID-19: What about our health?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused its share of worries, especially when it comes to the economy and our health and education systems. With respect to the last point, much has been written about how law students and articling students will pursue their studies or articles, but what about their health? (Available in French only)

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How to adequately prepare oneself for online exams

Finals are fast approaching and for some, it will be the first time they write final exams from home. Although exam prep will only differ slightly, we thought it would be useful to give you a few tips to help you cross the finish line this year. (Available in French only)

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How to end your online academic term on a high note!

As the end of the school term approaches and some law schools are returning to  online teaching, I would like to share a few tips with you that may prove helpful as you continue to learn about the law. (Available in French only)

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National article: The pandemic shows why Ontario needs to revamp its licensing process

Samantha Peters says it’s an access to justice issue, and it’s time to follow the lead of other provinces who are adapting to meet the needs of our time.

Solutions Series for Law Students

The Solutions Series for Law Students offers practical solutions for the everyday problems that students and new lawyers face. Get one-stop advice about physical and mental health, financial planning, mentorship, and career planning.

Coffee During times of COVID

Providing a space for young lawyers and law students to connect and talk about the impacts of COVID-19.