Bill S-4 – Criminal Code and Identification of Criminals Act amendments (COVID-19 response and other measures)
May  17, 2022

The CBA comments on Criminal Code and Identification of Criminals Act amendments to increase flexibility in the criminal justice system in the wake of COVID-19.

COVID-19 — Addressing Challenges in Immigration Application Processing
July  29, 2021

The CBA recommends measures to alleviate the challenges in processing immigration applications that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 — CBSA Resumption of Removals from Canada
January 04, 2021

The CBA asks why the Canada Border Service Agency is resuming immigration removals from Canada in the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 — Delayed Returns of Application Packages by IRCC Processing Offices
January 04, 2021

The CBA raises concerns about applications being returned unprocessed for erroneous or trivial reasons by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Case Processing Centres.

Taking justice online: Does B.C.’s CRT provide a model – or a lesson?
October 9, 2020

At its September meeting, the CBA’s COVID-19 task force received an object lesson in the limitations of technology, as about 20 highly educated, newly minted Zoom experts from across the country tried in vain to connect to audio for the meeting.

Existing pilot program could alleviate pressure on long-term care staffing
August 19, 2020

The Immigration Section says the Immigration Department has a pilot program in place that, with a few tweaks, could help with the staffing problems being experienced by long-term care facilities.

Media access to courts in the time of COVID
August 19, 2020

Immediacy is the essence of the news, but many of the procedures put in place in the country’s courtrooms have caused delays and created other challenges to the idea of press freedom and open courts, David Hutt, a partner with Burchells, told the COVID-19 task force.

COVID-19 — Resumption of in-Person Hearings at the Refugee Protection Division
August 14, 2020

The CBA recommends that the Refugee Protection Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board make changes to its approach for the resumption of in-person hearings.

COVID-19 – Changes to the Home Support Worker Pilot
August 05, 2020

The CBA recommends changes to the Home Support Worker pilot program to address critical labour shortages in retirement homes and long-term care facilities exacerbated by the pandemic.

If tech is the answer, who gets to shape the question?
July 29, 2020

Triage. Framework. Technology. Those three words came up repeatedly in University of Ottawa law professor Karin Eltis’s presentation in July to the CBA’s COVID-19 task force.

Message from the CBA President
July 03, 2020

President Vivene Salmon discusses the pivots that the CBA has made to help members address the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 travel restrictions raise tax questions
June 30, 2020

If you normally work in another country and have to work in Canada due to COVID-19 restrictions, does that mean your company is carrying on work in Canada? The Canada Revenue Agency’s Guidance on the matter helps, but could do better.

COVID-19 crisis reveals need for national standards for care of seniors
June 30, 2020

The reports from the Canadian military about the conditions in a number of long-term care residences were disturbing, and point to a need for national standards for that industry, says the CBA’s Elder Law Section.

Time limits legislation necessary, but proposed bill is too vague
June 30, 2020

Proposed legislation to extend time limits for certain matters that might be held up due to COVID-19 is necessary, but the bill itself needs clarity, says the CBA.

‘No legal justification’ to close border to asylum-seekers
June 30, 2020

Canada’s decision to close its borders to irregular asylum-seekers during the COVID-19 crisis has no legal justification, says the Immigration Law Section, and could end up putting Canadians and asylum-seekers at risk.

Things to consider during COVID-19 review of Investment Canada Act
June 30, 2020

No need to change the Investment Canada Act’s net benefit threshold due to COVID-19 fallout, says the CBA’s Competition Law Section – and besides, our international agreements may limit our ability to do so.

Lead or follow, but get out of the way
June 30, 2020

A number of groups are studying the Canadian judicial and legal systems in the wake of COVID-19, trying to determine how best to position both for the future. Patricia Hebert, a family law practitioner, says the answer lies in putting the needs of the user at the centre of the equation.

Investment Canada Act Study — COVID-19 Implications
June 22, 2020

The CBA comments on COVID-19's impact on the Investment Canada Act, namely the government's ability to adjust the national security regime and net benefit review thresholds.

Income Tax Act — Guidance on International Income Tax Issues Raised by the COVID-19
June 18, 2020

The Joint Canadian Bar Association/Canadian Professional Accountants of Canada Taxation Committee comments on CRA's Guidance on International Income Tax Issues raised by the COVID-19.

Income Tax Act COVID-19 — Tax Issues in draft Time Limits Act
June 16, 2020

The Joint Canadian Bar Association/Canadian Professional Accountants of Canada Taxation Committee Comments on impact of the draft Time Limits Act on the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act.

Message from the CBA President
June 10, 2020

President Vivene Salmon speaks about the cracks in the justice system exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and how the CBA is working to make meaningful reforms.

Message from the CBA President
May 06, 2020

President Vivene Salmon reports on the CBA’s work to serve you with relevant and helpful information throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Message from the CBA President
April 09, 2020

CBA President Vivene Salmon discusses the CBA’s advocacy and resources for lawyers coping with COVID-19 and announces a Task Force to address legal issues emerging from the pandemic.

COVID-19 — Urgent Competition Act Amendments
April 09, 2020

The CBA urges the government to amend the Competition Act to allow certain mergers and agreements between competitors to address supply concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and Temporary Border Agreement Regarding Asylum Seekers
April 08, 2020

The CBA urges the government to reverse its temporary policy of returning asylum seekers who enter Canada from the US at unofficial ports of entry.

COVID-19 — Indigenous Peoples' Governance
April 07, 2020

The CBA comments on federal government announcements about COVID-19 as they impact Indigenous peoples and First Nations governance processes.

COVID-19 and Incarcerated and Detained individuals
March 30, 2020

The CBA urges coordinated action by all levels of government to quickly address the potential spread of COVID-19 in prisons and immigration detention facilities.

COVID-19 – Impact on Not-for-Profit Associations
March 27, 2020

The CBA urges federal government support for the not-for-profit sector in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 – Remote Signatures
March 23, 2020

Due to COVID-19 social distancing, the CBA asks the CRA to accept digital or facsimile signatures in the same manner as a wet signature.