Reports & Discussion Papers

Access to Justice for Trans People Report

The report Access to Justice for Trans People aims to identify barriers and challenges for trans people in accessing justice and recommends improvements. The report was produced by the CBA National Access to Justice Subcommittee and the CBA Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section in coalition with HALCO and the TRANSforming JUSTICE: Trans Legal Needs Assessment Ontario (TRANSforming JUSTICE) research team.

Envisioning Equal Justice Summit

Following the discussions at the CBA’s Envisioning Equal Justice Summit in Vancouver 2013, we produced three reports:

Research and Consultation Papers (prepared by the CBA’s Access to Justice Committee during the Equal Justice initiative)

Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters

The Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters was established by the Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada, and chaired by Justice Cromwell. It is working to develop a national visionfor access to justice and to reduce barriers to Canada’s civil system of justice. The Action Committee released several working group reports:

Low Commission’s Final Report

The Low Commission on the Future of Advice and Legal Support’s Final Report details a strategy for access to advice and legal support on social welfare law in England and Wales.

Canadian Forum on Civil Justice

The Canadian Forum on Civil Justice, now at York University, Is undertaking a five-year research project on the costs of the fair and effective resolution of legal problems. The Forum provides an inventory of reforms detailing innovative programs to improve access to justice related to court procedures, legal aid public legal education, and other information programs. The Forum received a $1 million grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada to study the cost of civil justice.