Our Approach


To achieve equal justice, we must bridge the distance from our current state of inequality to our ultimate vision.

Our bridge to equal justice is based on three pillars:

  • Building public engagement and participation
  • Building collaboration and effective leadership
  • Building the capacity for justice innovation

To move the project forward, the three pillars will be necessary to support the three main strategies, represented as lanes on the bridge. The three parallel approaches are:

  • Facilitating everyday justice – We will improve legal capability, incorporate new technologies, and enhance triage and referral systems to navigate paths to justice.
  • Transforming formal justice – We will explore dramatic change to halt growing dissatisfaction, and will inspire increased public confidence in judicial conflict resolution.
  • Reinventing the delivery of legal services – We will provide a spectrum and continuum of legal services to meet the range of legal needs. The goal is seamless legal services delivery.