CBA Branch

What you can do

At the office:

  • Communicate priorities for your Branch to the CBA’s Equal Justice Initiative staff.
  • Know the Reaching Equal Justice report,  and keep it in the limelight for CBA members and partners outside of CBA.  Develop a speakers’ list to summarize the report, and hold a special Council meeting on the topic.
  • Encourage lawyers to integrate a public legal education and information (PLEI) approach to delivering legal services
  • Encourage lawyers to think about who needs what kind of help to access justice, for example, written materials for a person with literacy challenges.
  • List community resources on your website, publicize the list and keep it up-to-date.
  • Use the Legal Health Checklist  on Law Day and throughout the year. Adapt it to local needs, and encourage people to identify and prevent legal problems.
  • Create rosters of law students and retired lawyers willing to deliver legal capabilities training.
  • Create opportunities to hear from the public.
  • Keep us informed with your progress.

In the community:

  • Address the ‘body without a brain’ situation. Bring key groups together, plan how to get there from here, and determine who will do what.
  • Connect with access to justice activities in your region. If there are none, make them happen.
  • Encourage law schools and law societies to consider access to justice and experiential learning as core competency requirements.
  • Get law students involved in access to justice initiatives.
  • Champion a re-centred role for courts and judges, based on a people-centred vision.
  • Promote professional development, information exchanges and other opportunities to build capacity for people-centred law services.
  • Work with community partners to raise awareness of legal aid and champion its regeneration.
  • Encourage courts and justice agencies to collect data, track progress and include value metrics.
  • Encourage all members of your justice community to prioritize equal justice. Advocate to draw public attention to the issues.