Finding Solutions


We began the Equal Justice Initiative by identifying what gets in the way of improving access to justice in Canada. These include lack of information, insufficient coordination, difficulties measuring change and lack of political profile – i.e. no one has taken ownership of this complex, generally invisible problem.

To solve these issues, there is likely no one-size-fits-all solution. Different responses may be needed for distinct communities. We are using the following three approaches to help us find workable solutions:

1. Research: Constructing the building blocks for change

  • The first approach is a consultation and research strategy to create a knowledge foundation for our initiatives.

2. Communications: Changing the conversation

  • The second approach is to build on results from the first one and change the conversation about equal justice – to ask the hard questions and pull people from acting in silos toward a more common goal.

3. Coordination: Contributing to a common vision on how to improve justice in Canada

  • The third approach is to continue to find ways to build ongoing collaboration and coordination. Our task will be to enable those who are committed to equal justice to work together more effectively and productively.

Find out more about our approaches and track our progress.


Evaluating access to justice services and improvements, and creating access to justice metrics:

Creating national standards for publicly-funded legal services:

Determining future directions for the delivery of legal aid services:

How to balance Pro Bono work and publicly funded legal aid programs:

Alternatives to increasing access to justice for the middle class:


Through research, public consultations, discussions and the Envisioning Equal Justice Summit, the move toward equal justice continually seeks new ways to tell the story and broaden public ownership and engagement.


The Access to Justice Committee’s goal is to help define a common vision of equal justice in Canada and to help develop a broad-based commitment to work toward that vision.

Look at our “Learn More” boxes in Reaching Equal Justice  to discover who’s doing what on equal justice issues. Find out about our involvement with the National Action Committee on Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters