Staff Directory

We take pride in our professional staff who provide the following specialized services:

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

The office of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for all matters related to supporting the Executive Officers and the Board of Directors. The CEO is responsible for external stakeholder relations, ongoing branch relations, as well relationships with such organizations as the Federation of Law Societies of Canada, the Canadian Bar Insurance Association, and the CBA Financial Services Corp.

Business Development

Looking to get your brand in front of CBA members and the legal profession? The CBA Business Development department offers established opportunities to get you noticed, including Advertising, Sponsorship, Preferred Supplier partnerships, and more.

Canadian Bar Review

The Canadian Bar Review staff works together to oversee all aspects of the journal’s publication and related projects (such as conferences and cross promotion). We ensure that the Canadian Bar Review’s content is integrated with the Canadian Bar Association’s advocacy initiatives and priorities.


The CBA Finance department works with members and staff across the country to create and uphold sound financial practices for the health and success of the CBA. The department coordinates and oversees the annual budgeting process, provides regular reviews and reports on financial activity, plans and manages the day to day transactions, as well as the longer term reserves and investments.

Information Technology

The IT department provides technical support to the CBA National and branch offices, maintains the integrity of the CBA network and develops web applications for users across the country.

International Initiatives

The International Initiatives staff and CBA members work collaboratively with international partners to support the rule of law in developing and transitional countries. We promote justice system reform and capacity development projects through externally funded programs.


The Advocacy Department helps the 40 Sections, subcommittees and countless working groups to focus their influence with government, regulators and the courts. The staff lawyers provide strategic advice for CBA governance and advocacy initiatives.


The CBA Member Services team is responsible for the development, planning and execution of national initiatives related to membership retention and acquisition, responding to inquiries about member benefits, programs and savings, maintaining the integrity of the membership database, tracking and reporting statistical membership data and trends, administering the annual membership renewal invoicing process and managing the National Preferred Supplier and Corporate Sponsorship Programs.


The Sections Department works in close partnership with CBA Members in the overall operation of our 41 Sections. We support the development of products and services that meet the needs of our members in their areas of practice or interest.