Call for nominations: CBA National Immigration Law Section

APPLY ONLINE | APRIL 30 – MAY 31, 2018

The CBA National Immigration Law Section is seeking nominations for a Secretary and up to 10 Members-at-Large, for the term September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019.


The Secretary is responsible for preparing minutes of meetings in a timely manner and otherwise assists the Executive as needed.

The Secretary sequentially occupies each office through to Past Chair, which involves a five-year commitment.

We strive for balance amongst four geographic regions: British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and the remaining provinces. The Secretary for 2018/19 can come from any of these regions, however, we especially encourage candidates from Quebec and the remaining provinces (Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Atlantic Canada, and the Territories).


Member-at-Large positions are open to Section members who wish to actively participate in the work of the Section. Members-at-Large attend meetings and conference calls as they are able, and provide input or take responsibility for various tasks as they arise. There are many opportunities to assist.

When filling Members-at-Large positions, the Section endeavours to reflect the various immigration practice areas and geographic regions of Canada.

Roles and expectations for each position.


Nominations must be received by May 31, 2018. When filling positions, the Section takes various factors into account, including language, geographic representation, diversity and active contributions to the work of the Section. We consider members who are familiar with and active in Section activities, but also seek new participants.

Complete nominations include a cover letter outlining the candidate’s relevant experience, interest in becoming an Officer and acceptance of the commitment to the Immigration Law Section, as well as a resumé and 1-2 references who may be contacted by the Officers.

Apply online