CBA-BC WLF-Kamloops welcomes TRU law students

  • February 01, 2018
  • Aachal N. Soll

The Kamloops Women Lawyers Forum held their Welcome Potluck for the incoming first-year law students from Thompson Rivers University on Oct., 2017. This well-attended event was held at the beautiful home of local bencher Michelle Stanford. The aim of this annual event is to introduce the new law students to the Kamloops legal community and to bring them together with potential mentors.

Any nervousness on the part of the students was surely smoothed by the warm company, copious food and plentiful drink. The attendees mingled and enjoyed the food and the wine provided by Kamloops firms Soll & Company and Cates Ford Oien Epp.

The second part of the event was a spin on the speed-networking concept. There were five groups. Judges Frame and Armstrong represented the judiciary, a group that was quite popular with the law students. As is common every year, the presenters so captured the attention of their audience that when time was called, the students at each session were reluctant to move on. Camille Cook, Adrienne Murphy, Monica Fras, and their colleagues headed the Crown group. They provided advice on how to get a job with the Crown and explained the ins-and-outs of their careers. A number of litigators were present, including Kathy Kendall, Rachel Lammers of Morelli Chertkow, and Kim Grimwade of Woitas McLeod. The litigators commandeered a fair section of the students and the house. Candace Cates of Cates Ford Oien Epp and Cheryl Martin of Martin & Martin Lawyers represented the solicitors. The litigators and solicitors each extolled the virtues of their side of the practice of law. There was an impromptu fifth group led by articled students Tracey Greer of Zak & Decker, and Dawn McConnell of Fulton & Company.

The presenters provided the students with invaluable insight into the various career options a law degree provides. Presenters and counsel discussed various issues, ranging from dress code to networking. They also discussed hiring practices and the life of an articled student. The students advised us that they very much enjoyed the event.

The combined efforts of the women of the Kamloops legal community made this event a success. The Kamloops section hopes to continue to hold this event annually with support from the Kamloops Bench and Bar and the TRU Law Faculty.

Aachal N. Soll is chair of the CBA-BC Women Lawyers Forum in Kamloops