The CBA Public Sector Lawyers Section brings together lawyers from across Canada who work for the government or other public sector agencies. We advocate on behalf of our 2,700 members, and raise the profile of public sector lawyers both within the CBA and the community at large.

Our Mandate

The CBA Public Sector Lawyers Section aims to:

  • Provide mechanisms for public sector lawyers to exchange information and ideas
  • Serve as a national network for public sector lawyers to connect on shared issues
  • Advance understanding of public sector lawyers’ roles
  • Raise our members’ profile by representing public sector lawyers’ interests within the CBA
  • Bring the unique perspective of practicing law within a government setting to the CBA
  • Serve as the national voice of public sector lawyers
  • Promote networking and program delivery through the Forum’s provincial and territorial branches

Our Work

Our activities are designed to support and promote lawyers who work in the government or for public sector agencies. We:

  • Encourage and urge public sector employers to provide adequate access to legal education for their employees
  • Advocate for formal policies for governments to fund CBA memberships for public sector lawyers
  • Explore ways to promote the CBA among young public sector lawyers who wish to develop their leadership skills
  • Host complimentary teleconferences covering trends and topics of interest to public sector lawyers

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