The CBA International Law Section’s mandate covers all aspects of international law. We deal with issues in both private and public international law and how they relate to Canada. These include:

  • International trade law
  • United Nations and other international organizations’ actions in the field of international law
  • International legal conventions and treaties
  • International economic law
  • International environmental law

Our Section also liaises regularly with:

  • Canadian Council on International Law
  • Department of Justice Canada
  • International Bar Association
  • International Law Association
  • American Bar Association

We have representatives on the Justice Canada Advisory Group on Private International Law and the Children’s Law Committee.

Our Committees

Would you like to contribute and network with other legal professionals in the field? Send an email to cbainternationallaw@cba.org to join one of our committees:

  • Public International Law: concerns the legal rules governing the conduct of public bodies such as states and intergovernmental organizations. It comprises matters such as trade and investment treaties, anti-corruption, international development and human rights. 
  • Private International Law: relates to the legal rules governing international relations between private individuals or corporations. It covers issues such as conflicts of laws, jurisdiction of courts, recognition of foreign judgments, commercial arbitration, international transactions and the status of persons in the international context.

As a Section member, you can also provide input to the CBA Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee.

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