Reporting to the Policy Committee, the Ethics and Professional Responsibility Subcommittee explores issues and develops tools to assist lawyers with their ethical and professional responsibilities.

What We Do

Our Subcommittee:

  • Identifies and studies ethics and professional responsibility issues
  • Develops practice tools to help lawyers fulfill their professional responsibilities
  • Provides a forum to bring legal professionals together to discuss ethical issues

Code of Professional Conduct

The CBA Code of Professional Conduct guided ethical standards in the Canadian legal profession for nearly a century. The CBA Code is being discontinued in favour of the Federation of Law Societies of Canada’s Model Code of Professional Conduct. We share the Federation’s goal of harmonized standards across the country. The CBA will continue to be a forum to discuss ethical issues and provide ongoing input to the Federation’s Code.

Our Expertise

Members of the Ethics and Professional Responsibility Subcommittee have extensive knowledge of legal ethics and professional standards for lawyers in Canada.

Time Commitment

Members spend approximately 6.5 days per year providing their expertise and participating in meetings.

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