New initiatives this spring!

  • May 11, 2023

Marcia Oliver

It’s spring in Canada! Construction season is underway and warm weather is on the way. We are also headed into a season of informative webinars, and important Section nominations for the positions of Secretary and up to ten Members-At-Large. Nominations must be received by May 31, 2023 at 8:00 pm ET. Apply today!

As my tenure as Chair ends, I am grateful for the CBA staff and the dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and expertise for the betterment of construction law.

Our Section will be well-served by Andrew O’Brien and Krista Johansen, who will step into the roles of Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively in September 2023. Both are highly skilled construction lawyers, dedicated volunteers and most importantly, very good people.

Finally, while I don’t want to rush you through this lovely season, I do hope to see many of you in Vancouver at our CBA Construction & Infrastructure Law Conference in October 2023. I guarantee you, its an event you will not want to miss!

Please register for our upcoming CPD and find out more about our other initiatives!


The Award of Excellence was established to recognize exceptional contributions by individuals both to the law in general and to construction and infrastructure practice. The award is presented biennially at the Construction & Infrastructure Law Conference.

Nomination deadline: May 31, 2023. Find out more about the criteria and nomination process.


Internal Investigations of White-Collar Crimes: Dos and Don’ts – May 16, 2023

Join us on May 16 to discuss best practices for conducting internal investigations into allegations of white-collar crimes.


Our Section is a member of the CBA Anti-Corruption Team (CBA-ACT), a multi-Section committee comprised of members from various Sections. Recently, the Section assisted with the review of the “Guide for Internal Investigations of White-Collar Crime”. This Guide discusses best practices to conduct an internal investigation into allegations of bribery, corruption and other white-collar crimes.

Building the Road to Economic Reconciliation – June 15, 2023

To achieve economic reconciliation, concrete action is required. Government owners at all levels and owners in the utilities and natural resource sectors are committing monies, and other resources to ensure that Indigenous led businesses are active and successful participants in numerous construction projects.

Non-Indigenous construction companies are also being called upon to take concrete action, including the training and employment of Indigenous Peoples, joint venture partnerships with Indigenous led businesses and retention of Indigenous subcontractors.

Join us on June 15 to hear from experts on what the federal government has implemented and will implement to support economic reconciliation and Indigenous led projects; and, what steps non-Indigenous companies can implement to support economic reconciliation.


Choosing an Arbitral Procedure that suits YOUR case – September 18, 2023

One touted benefit of arbitration is the flexibility of process, yet often we see stock-standard procedural orders and timetables rolled out from case to case. The panel will consider whether (and how) parties and arbitrators can consider a more flexible, tailored approach to maximize procedural efficiency, depending on the circumstances of each case.


Material Price Increases and Construction Contracts – How to deal? – Date TBC

Construction has been significantly challenged by delays and cost increases resulting from the pandemic, supply chain issues, socio-economic issues, and material price increases. This program will discuss contract interpretation, changes to the contract and material price increases.

Stay tuned for the registration details!


The countdown is on! From October 12 to 14, the CBA Construction & Infrastructure Law Conference will be taking centre stage in Vancouver. We’re so excited to bring together the top legal minds in the construction industry for insightful discussions and invaluable networking opportunities.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience – save the date and get ready to be part of something truly extraordinary!


If you would like to submit a member article to be featured in Skylines, please contact Conor R. O’Neil.

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Thank You,

Marcia J. Oliver,
Chair 2022-2023, CBA Construction and Infrastructure Law Section