Construction & Infrastructure Award of Excellence

  • September 08, 2023

The Award of Excellence was established to recognize exceptional contributions by individuals both to the law in general and to construction and infrastructure practice.

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The Award is open to CBA members and will not be given posthumously. 

The recipient must be a member of the CBA in good standing. 

Former Members of the CBA Construction and Infrastructure Law Section Executive are eligible as are Honorary Members-at-Large.

Members of the current CBA Construction and Infrastructure Law Section Executive are not eligible to receive the award, except for Honorary Members-at-Large.


The following will be considered in determining the recipient of the Award: 

  • Excellence in or significant contribution to any one or more of the following fields in Canada:
    • Construction and infrastructure procurement
    • Drafting/negotiating of construction and infrastructure contracts and documents
    • Construction and infrastructure litigation and/or dispute resolution/adjudication, mediation and arbitration of construction disputes
    • Construction and infrastructure policy-making
  • Participation in continuing legal education at the CBA or other related organizations
  • Writing and teaching generally on issues related to construction and infrastructure law
  • Mentoring of young lawyers in the construction and infrastructure law area
  • Recognition of outstanding contributions among peers from multiple provinces


The award is presented biennially at the Construction & Infrastructure Law Conference. 

Past Winners

  • 2023 —  Douglas (Doug) R. Sanders (Vancouver, BC)

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominations must be submitted in a letter stating reasons for the candidate’s nomination, including a description of their exemplary performance and/or service; the time frame involved; and the impact the performance or service had on the nominator and/or the profession.
  • The nominee’s written consent and curriculum vitae must be included with the nomination.
  • The full name, mailing address, telephone number (including cell phone) and email address, as well as number of years in practice, for both the nominee and the nominator must be included with the nomination.
  • Each nomination requires the endorsement of two members of the National CBA Construction & Infrastructure Law Section (including name, title, phone number and email address).
  • Completed nominations must be submitted online and include all of the above-noted information.

Deadline for Submissions

May 31, 2025

Entries received after the deadline will not be considered.

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