The Canadian Judges Section provides a meeting place within the CBA for judges from all courts to take on projects of interest to members of the judiciary.

With its 600 active members, the Section is the only organization in Canada for both federally and provincially appointed judges. Judges who join the CBA are automatically enrolled in this Section.

The Canadian Judges Section allows judges to be active in CBA activities, while maintaining their judicial independence through isolation from our CBA policymaking efforts. Members have special voting rights within the CBA. Judges can be designated members of the CBA Council, but cannot be elected or alternate members.

Our Mandate

The objectives of the Canadian Judges’ Section are to:

  • Promote the views and interests of judges within the CBA
  • Provide a means for judges to participate in the CBA which respects judicial independence
  • Offer a forum for judges of all Courts to exchange information with other judges and members of the Bar
  • Develop CBA member services for judges

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