Proposed National Benchmarks for Public Legal Assistance Services

  • August 08, 2016

In 2014, a joint working group of the CBA and the Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada collaborated to formulate and propose national legal aid benchmarks for Canada. After much consultation and discussion, we have now completed that work. The national benchmarks are guiding principles to achieve the shared goal of a national, integrated system of public legal assistance focused on improving access to justice and meeting the needs of disadvantaged people across Canada. These six national legal aid benchmarks, under headings of an overall vision, scope of services, priorities for service, spectrum of service, quality of service and an integrated service delivery sector, capture current evidence about legal aid and define pathways for the future, are intended to provide a foundation for national indicators with common data measurement.

To explain these concepts further, the CBA has authored a separate report, A National Framework for Meeting Legal Needs: Proposed National Benchmarks for Public Legal Assistance Services, further elaborating on the rationale and potential of national benchmarks for Canada.

We welcome your feedback and ask for your assistance in distributing and promoting the national benchmarks, so they become well known within the equal justice community in Canada. For more information, contact us at

Read the report