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Legal aid in Canada: Same conclusions, different report

  • December 07, 2017

How many reports does it take to change a government’s mind about proper legal aid funding? Good question. The CBA has produced a few, as have other agencies. And now an in-house report, prepared by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights is striking a familiar chord.

Spotlight on billed-basis accounting

  • June 08, 2017

The federal government tabled its latest budget on March 22. Since March 23, the CBA has been working to get the government to either drop a tax measure proposed in the budget or to change it to mitigate its impact on Canadian lawyers – and their clients – who rely on billed basis accounting.

Access to justice in legal education

  • May 11, 2017

A subcommittee of the CBA’s Access to Justice Committee will be presenting a workshop on experiential learning at a legal education workshop in Victoria this June. Read on for more about the workshop.

Better Client Service series: PD for A2J

  • March 09, 2017

The CBA’s latest series of professional development webinars has begun, this one is aimed at aimed at helping lawyers up their game and enhancing access to justice at the same time.

Can Regulation Advance Access to Justice?

  • October 14, 2016

Join the CBA Access to Justice Committee, as a part of Access to Justice Week organized by TAG – The Action Group on Access to Justice, as we consider if we can - indeed if we should – foster access to justice through legal regulation.

Checklist for writing legal health checks

  • October 12, 2016

CBA’s legal health checks are a way of alerting people to legal issues they may not be aware of. They can impart basic information on a particular theme and give lay people an idea of the next steps they’ll need to take to prevent a legal problem, or at least stop it from escalating.

Spotlight on legal aid benchmarks

  • October 12, 2016

The CBA, in cooperation with the Association of Legal Aid Plans of Canada, has developed six aspirational legal aid benchmarks aimed at providing guiding principles to achieve the goal of a national system of public legal assistance. So what comes next?