Legal Areas

This section provides four steps to implement a child rights based approach in practice as well as child rights information and law in specific legal domains such as child protection, family law, youth criminal justice, education, health, cross border parental child abduction, youth and civil justice, immigration and refugee law. Each legal area provides you with key starting points for context, law and practice from a national perspective. The legal areas are not exhaustive and require you to address law specific to your provincial and territorial jurisdiction as well as context. You should first understand the Fundamentals in section one, then consider which Cross-Cutting Themes apply to your case from sections two and three, and finally, consider them as you determine which legal subject areas in section four apply to your case.  

In this section:

Four Steps to Implement Child Rights

Youth Criminal Justice

Child Protection

Cross Border Parental Child Abduction


Family Law


Immigration and Refugee Law

Youth and Civil Justice