National Privacy Law Section

  • February 15, 2003

WHEREAS there is a developing privacy law regime in Canada which involves the interaction of federal, provincial and territorial legislation, in addition to international privacy laws;

WHEREAS there is a need to facilitate the harmonization of federal, provincial and territorial legislation relating to privacy;

WHEREAS privacy law is an area of law that traverses a number of legal practice areas, and is a complex and specialized area of law that requires the development of a Section solely devoted to the study of such law;

WHEREAS certain CBA Branches have created active Privacy Law Sections in response to demand;

WHEREAS a number of Branch Section members have indicated an interest in supporting a national section;


  1. The Canadian Bar Association establish a National Privacy Law Section;
  2. Article 6(7) of the CBA Regulations be amended to add the following terms of reference for the National Privacy Law Section:
Privacy Law

The purpose of this Section is:
  • to review developing privacy legislation in Canada, to advise on such legislation, to promote the harmonization of such legislation and to consider and discuss all related subjects;
  • to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on privacy matters, including international developments in privacy law, among members of the legal profession, the federal, provincial and territorial governments, the judiciary and the Canadian public;
  • to organize lectures and seminars relating to privacy law in Canada; and
  • to promote and undertake research on privacy law and related matters.

Certified true copy of a resolution carried as amended by the Council of the Canadian Bar Association at the Mid-Winter Meeting held in Banff, AB February 14-16, 2003.

John D.V. Hoyles

Executive Director/Directeur exécutif