Terms and Conditions

Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options

What are the applicable Terms and Conditions for the Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options?

  • The CBA’s Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options are purchased in addition to CBA regular membership and there is a limit of one per member, per membership year.
  • The Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options are available for purchase throughout the membership year; however the offerings within the options are only available for use on products, services, activities and events occurring between September 1 – August 31 of the CBA membership year for which the options are eligible.
  • The Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options must be paid in full prior to activation. Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options cannot be purchased via the CBA’s pre-authorized monthly payments options.
  • Portfolio and Portfolio Plus options are not eligible to be discounted, pro-rated, transferred or refunded, and no matter when they are purchased, they expire on August 31 of the membership year in which they are active.

CBA Education Credits

What are CBA Education Credits? And how do they work?

  • CBA Education Credits are a pre-determined dollar amount included in each of two new option (Portfolio or Portfolio Plus) being offered by the CBA. Members who purchase these options may apply the credits on specific education related products, services and activities offered by CBA National, CBA Branch and CCCA Offices.
  • Education credits are only available once payment has been received.
  • Education credits are not valid beyond August 31 of the membership year for which they were purchased.
  • Education credits are not transferable, may not be shared, and are non-refundable.

What can CBA Education Credits be used for?

CBA Education Credits can be applied towards the purchase of a variety of qualified CBA products, services and activities such as:

  • In-person and online PD/Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Sections enrollment fees (where applicable) and activities
  • Print and video material, legal directories, subscriptions (excluding CBA National Magazine and The Canadian Bar Review)
  • Mid-winter meetings, conferences, etc. during the membership year for which the credits were designated to be used

Rebate Rewards

What is a Rebate Reward?  And how does it work?

  • Rebate Rewards are calculated on the total dollar amount, equivalent to 3 percent or 5 percent of your total spend on qualifying CBA purchases (outside of membership fees), between June 1 and May 31 of the previous year. Members will receive their rebate as a reduction on their next year’s CBA membership renewal invoice. The percentage rebate will depend on the Portfolio option purchased by the member.
  • The Rebate Reward is only available through the CBA’s Portfolio and Portfolio Plus Options
  • Should a member not renew their membership, any accumulated rebate is forfeited.